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What we do

Here at Unofficial El Nido we are all about getting you away from the tourist traps and crowds. El Nido is a beautiful place, labeled as the “last Frontier” of the Philippines.

While this may be true it’s definitely not unknown, While living here we have seen tourism numbers triple in the last four years. The number of hotels in town is well over 200 which for a tiny town is a lot. This puts a lot of pressure on the transportation, power, water and sewage. In turn, this leads to overcrowded and busy streets, brown outs with hours of no power, in the dry months whole days without water and the fact there is no sewage treatment means you can no longer swim in El Nido bay!

We think El Nido can be saved. With the proper use of funds from the environmental fee collected (well over 43billion php per year! or so we’ve heard) and through the promotion of the other places in El Nido province as well as the rest of Palawan.

El Nido Province is big, it is made up of 18 other towns, over 50 beaches, 45 Islands and untold rivers and mountains. By helping to spread the amount of tourists over a larger area through the promotion of relatively unknown places we hope to reduce the number staying in the town proper. Thereby alleviating some of the stress it is under. This would also help spread wealth, investment and jobs to other parts of the province.

We believe that if tourists, investors, locals and officials work together we can really help El Nido stay an area of outstanding natural beauty, A place for the whole of the Philipines to be proud of.