Everybodys Going Surfing El Nido

There is now surfing in El Nido, no longer do you have to fly all the way to Siargao to get your fix. The waves might not be as big as Baler or La Union but that isn’t stopping El Nido’s  new surf craze.


The waves can be found on the beautiful Duli beach about an hour drive north of El Nido town.  November to April is the best season with the strong onshore wind and the wave’s peak in the mornings and evenings.


At the moment there at only two places on Duli beach. The first to open was Duli Beach Resort, an environmentally minded resort with just 4 cottages located at the far corner of the beach. Run by a lovely couple from Holland, it has an extremely friendly atmosphere and they welcome day guests for lunch and drinks, all of which are reasonably priced. They have teamed up with Surf El Nido to offer rental and lessons


The New kid on the block is North Swell, a laid back surfer spot also offering food and drinks. They are also known to let you hang a hammock or pitch a tent.


Best way to get there:

See our map here

Easiest way to get anywhere in El Nido is always by renting yourself a motorbike. However if you don’t feel comfortable riding slightly off road you could also try hiring a tricycle or a private shuttle.



Head north out of El Nido and just keep going, after about 20 minutes you will pass the turning to Nacpan now you know you’re on the right track. Another 20 minutes should bring you to a town called Bucana.

Just after an easy bend to the right there is a turning on the left. Marked out by a Small white bus shelter and (normally) a bunch of goats in the road. Take this turning and carry on for about 5 minutes more. Next take the next turning on the right that will bring you up and then down a very steep hill. Keep following the road until you see the first turning on the left, Marked by a small sign saying Duli Beach.


Head left for another 5 minutes as the road gets much smaller you will have to pass through some “private property” and may be asked to pay a fee of 50php. Keep going and the road gets even smaller! You can either park your bikes at the next stop with the kids for a further 50php or take the narrow path out onto the beach and park there for 50php… If you really don’t want to pay you can avoid the guy and just head out onto the actual beach and drive down to the two resorts. (just don’t get your bike stuck in the sand!)

Transport Costs:

Motorbike: 500php

Tricycle: 800php

Private Shuttle: 1200php

Duli Beach Resort

Board Rental : 350php per hour.

Lessons + Board: 750php per hour.

Cottage: 2000php per night.


North Swell

Board Rental: 350php per hour.

Lessons + Board: 750php per hour.