Rent a motorbike

Do the loop! There is no better way to explore El Nido province than on a motorbike. Complete freedom to go as fast, slow or stop as much as you want. Luckily the guys building the road made a (near) perfect circle for you.

See our map here


There are literally hundreds of bike rental places in El Nid town. Most prices range from 400 to 600 php per day. The general rule is the longer you have the bike the cheaper it is.

Things to check when renting a motorbike:

1 Brakes – check they work, both front and rear.

2 Make sure the handlebars point forwards and it drives straight.

3 Engine – try starting the bike.

4 Lights – you never know what time you will be getting back.

5 Horn – the horn is Asia’s seatbelt and you’re main way of letting people know you’re there.

6 Tires – full of air and have lots of tread.

7 Plastic – make sure you and the owner both agree on how many scratches and scuffs there are already (a good idea is to take a picture).

8 Helmet – obvious reasons.

9 Contract – read what you’re signing.

10 Phone number – make sure you have the rental places name and number in case you need to call.

Once all that’s in order its time to head out and fill up on gas.

There are a couple of gas station in town and nearly always one local one every 15 minutes along the road. (they are those places with the whiskey bottles outside full of green liquid).

Heading north out of El Nido and then round the loop should take about three hours without stopping.. but where would the fun be in that?

Where to stop:

In order of appearance


The most popular and pretty beach in El Nido, it’s a bit of a long and windy dirt road once you’ve left the main road maybe 20 minutes drive. There’s lots of places to eat and drink or even stay the night. Due to its popularity expect lots of tourists.

Duli beach

A beautiful long stretch of sand and home to an emerging surfing spot. Get away from the crowds at Nacpan beach and enjoy a chilled day here learning to surf or just enjoying the relaxing atmosphere. Duli Beach Resort, run by the lovely Max and Elma and the newly opened North swell are the only businesses here so far. Take your time on the dirt road, its a little challenging for non-experienced drivers.

Verde Safari

A little further on from Duli, this is another quiet and long stretch of beautiful beach. The waves can be a bit rough at times but with only one guesthouse here you can pretty much have the beach to yourself for the day.


A long road to nowhere in particular at the moment.

San Fernando

Also called Dipnay by the locals, this quiet local fishing village also boasts a 3km long beach and offers boat transfers to the Linapacan islands and then on to Coron. It is about half way round the El Nido loop and the perfect spot for lunch. Try Santeria, hidden up in a cashew grove overlooking the mountains and the sea. With homemade and fresh food every day, it is popular with expats trying to escape the noise of El Nido town.


More tourists are opting to stay in this little village on the East coast. The handful of guesthouses on the beach are all locally owned and gives you plenty options of places to eat and drink. There are lots of activities too, kayaking, paddleboarding, and kitesurfing as well as a boat trip to the outer Linapacan islands- perfect for snorkeling. Ursula Beach Club is run by Dennis and his family and has some of the best food and hospitality in Sibaltan.


If you are all beached out Dewil might be the place for you. The stunning limestone formation of Ille cave towers above the landscape and with a short scramble and climb you can reach the summit and get a 360-degree view of the surrounding area.

that’s pretty much it, and then it’s the long bumpy road home.