Kite boarding in El Nido

In December the Black Wind starts to blow, this heralds the beginning of the windy season and a sudden influx of kite boarders. Lasting until February the strong north wind and shallow eastern coast make a great combination. With a couple of resorts offering lessons, rental as well as accommodation for those bringing their own kites. North Eastern El Nido is quickly becoming a kite boarding paradise.

Where to go:

Qi Resort

Situated amongst towering coconut trees on its own private beach this truly is a little piece of paradise. Qi offer everything, kite boarding, diving, SUP, yoga and massage. With a pool and an excellent restaurant, it’s also a lovely place to spend the day.


Entrance 700php per person this is consumable (and is waived if doing kiting lessons)
Kite rental: 5000php full day / 3500php half day
Kite lessons: 9000php 3 hours
Cottage: 8000 – 12000php per night

Best way to get there:

See our map here

Easiest way to get anywhere in El Nido is always by renting yourself a motorbike. However if you don’t feel comfortable riding slightly off road you could also try hiring a tricycle or a private shuttle.


To Qi Resort

Head north out of El Nido and just keep going, after 20 minutes you will pass the turning to Nacpan now you know you’re on the right track. Another 40 minutes to 1 hour should bring you to a town called San Fernando. To get to Qi resort keep going past the town for another 10 minutes over a big hill and as you come down the other side you’ll see a turning on the left. This is their private road, so just keep going and soon you’ll arrive at the beautiful entrance to Qi.



Sibaltan is the next town after Qi resort. A further 15 minute drive will bring you to the town. As you work your way through the small town you’ll end up in the far right corner next to the museum. Pop in if you have time if not head out onto the beach and drive south until you reach the resorts.


There are two places offering kite boarding here, Ursula beach club and Kite Club Palawan.

Ursula Beach Club

is a lovely little guesthouse with a couple of cottages right on the beach. With a warm friendly owner Dennis and reportedly the best food on the beach.

Kite rental:
Cottage: 2200php per night


Kite Club Palawan

These guys are operating out of Floristas guest house.

Taster lesson as low as 1500php

Kite rental: 1300php one hour / 2500php half day / 3500php full day
Lessons: 2500php per hour


Transport Costs:

All costs here change and subject to your bargaining power.
Motorbike: 500php
Tricycle: 2000php
Private Shuttle: 3000php