Ille Cave

15,000 year old human remains, Tiger bones, and a haunted burial site. Ille Cave located in Dewil is the place to be. Want to feel like Indiana Jones, explore some hidden caves, climb up long jungle vines and then scramble to the top of the huge limestone cliff to amazing panoramic views.


Bring lots of water, a flashlight, hat and sunscreen and aim to get there as early as possible before the heat sets in. Situated in barangay Dewil, a lone limestone cliff sticks out amongst the surrounding scenery and set in a huge rice paddy field, its nothing but picturesque.


If you want to climb to up the summit, you will need a guide as there is no set path, the rocks are sharp and the terrain is challenging – the guide can help you with your footing (its not a problem for people with long legs.) Using vines to help you climb up out of the cave and up on to the rocks is lots of fun and at the summit you have a stunning 360-degree view of the surrounding area and a chance to catch your breath and take some pictures.


As it isn’t directly in El Nido town it means less, if not any tourists whilst you are there, making it a far more special experience.


Some history: Within the cave, archeologists have found pottery and animal bones up to 8000 years old proving that El Nido had inhabitants up to 12,000 years ago. You can also see the layers of shells embedded into the cave indicating it was previously submerged under the water.

Best way to get there:

See our map here


The Easiest way to get anywhere in El Nido is always by renting yourself a motorbike. However, if you don’t feel comfortable riding slightly off road you could also try hiring a tricycle or a private shuttle.


Head north out of El Nido and turn right just before the first bridge. Keep going for about 40-50 minutes until you reach a cross roads. Turn right and just as you go over the bridge you should see the sign for Ille Cave.
There is a small outpost which will take your name and check you have your environmental fee receipt. If you came by bike you can keep on riding the rest of the way (5 minutes) if not just head on by foot. Keep right and soon you will come out of the jungle into a clearing and be greeted by the site of the towering limestone cliff.
In the small shelter, there should be a guide (he may be asleep) talk to him and he will take you the rest of the way.
*wear trainers as the rocks can be very sharp.


Nearby you could also check out the Dewil Mangrove tour


Transport Costs:
Motorbike: 500php
Tricycle: 1000php
Private Shuttle: 1500php


Environmental fee: 200php
Guide: 200-300php