Don’t get sick in El Nido

It is the worst feeling, being poorly during your holiday, especially in such beautiful surroundings.  Rumor has it that El Nido town currently has an E-coli  outbreak in the tap water, possibly due to the lack of a water treatment system. (too many septic tanks too close to groundwater wells) Let’s hope the local government starts investing some of that tourism fee to fix the problem. Here are some other ways you can avoid getting sick.


Do your best to stay healthy with these helpful hints;

1. Do drink plenty of BOTTLED water. The intense heat paired with a full on day of snorkeling/activities leaves your body dehydrated. At the very least drink two liters of bottled water, do not drink from the tap.

2. Do drink bukos – the Philippines are abundant in young coconuts. They are packed full of the vital electrolytes that you lose when sweating.

3. Do not brush your teeth with the water from the taps. You can still get sick even if you haven’t eaten anything all day through the tap water.

4. Do use alcohol based hand wash to get rid of those germs so as not to spread them.

5. Do wear hats, rash vests and plenty of sunscreen. Sunstroke can leave you in bed for a couple of days and sunburn can stop you enjoying the rest of your time on holiday. Do not underestimate the weather, I’m sure you have heard it before, but on a cloudy day you can still burn so make sure you protect yourself.

6. Do try staying further out of El Nido town where people have their own sources of clean water. Try Nacpan beach, Duli beach, San Fernando and Sibaltan.

Here is WebMD write up on the symptoms and treatment of E-coli

If you think you have an E-coli infection please visit the doctor in El Nido imediatly.  You can find a good doctor at Palawan Medical City in El Nido.