Alternative boat tours

Unlike the pictures you may see online, it is very rare to find yourself the only person in the big lagoon or be able to have some alone time on “secret beach”. However, this does not mean they are not worth doing.


Actually, the limestone cliff formations in Bacuit bay are some of the most beautiful in the world. The key is to somehow do it without being on a boat with 20 people surrounded by 20 other boats. And this is why we’re here to help.


Organize a private boat

Yes, it’s a little more expensive but if you factor in the normal price for two people with snorkel gear which works out about 2800php to pay an extra 2 to 3 thousand and bring it up to 5000php. It can be totally worth it. Being able to go out when you want, stay as long as you want, and leave in case other people turn up. And if you can find another few people to share your boat it’ll be even cheaper.

Rent a kayak

Not only is it great exercise but it means you’re in total control. It might mean that some of the further islands are out of your reach but it’s excellent if you want to take your own little picnic to somewhere close. Just don’t forget to put lots of sun cream on and take extra water.

Price 1000 php per day

Paddle Board

See above but standing up.

Price: 1000 php per day

Tao Trip

Tao are one  of the most highly rated trips  you can do in the Philippines, these guys really no what they are doing. Cruise between El Nido and Coron over 5 days seeing some of the most untouched islands and reefs. This might be one of the best ways to getaway from the tourists.. except  the others shaing your boat.

Price: 26000 php per person

El Nido Party Boat

Want to see some beautiful islands? want unlimited alcohol and loud music? El Nido Party Boat might  just be what your looking for.

Price: 2,500 php per person 


The Kraken

Tour K in a luxury boat. Music, appetizers, food, cold drinks, WiFi, kayaks, paddle board, snorkel equipment, and sunset view onboard. What more could you want?

Price: 2500 php

Palawan Sailing

Why not learn to sail with Palawan Sailing, they have a whole host of different course to try. Experience the islands with out the loud engines under the power of the wind.

Price: Learn to sail course 2 days for 13500 php per person